Bankruptcy Debt Relief In The Context Of Divorce

Debt and financial problems are major drivers of divorce. They cause great strain on a marriage. Conversely, getting divorced is a major driver of bankruptcy. Many divorced people struggle financially, especially if they are saddled with debts from the marriage.

The Law Firm of Ronald S. Dee is uniquely equipped to address these scenarios. I practice in both Colorado bankruptcy law and Colorado divorce law. I can help you explore bankruptcy in the context of divorce proceedings or bankruptcy in the aftermath of divorce.

Bankruptcy Before Or During Divorce

For many couples, it makes sense to discharge as much joint debt as possible before getting divorced. This not only improves your respective finances but simplifies property division as well. On the other hand, filing for bankruptcy first will delay or prolong the divorce proceedings. In other scenarios, it makes sense to divorce first and then file for bankruptcy separately. Which is to say, it important to understand the consequences so that you are making informed and strategic decisions either way.

As an attorney, I aim to put my clients in the best possible financial position as they emerge from bankruptcy and divorce. I can advise on all the relevant issues, including:

  • Which marital debts will be covered by bankruptcy
  • What assets (if any) may be forfeited in bankruptcy
  • Whether to file for Chapter 7 discharge or Chapter 13 relief
  • Whether to file for bankruptcy jointly or in one spouse’s name
  • How to avoid being on the hook for an ex-spouse’s debts

Bankruptcy After Divorce

It is common for people to fall on hard times after getting divorced. It’s simply harder to make ends meet on one income. Sometimes the higher-earning spouse takes on too much of the marital debt and falls behind on those payments. Sometimes the custodial parent who kept the house is unable to keep up with the mortgage.

I can help you seek Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to eliminate consumer debt or prevent creditor actions like home foreclosure, vehicle repossession or wage garnishment.

Experienced Lawyer For Bankruptcy And Divorce

I can represent you in your bankruptcy, your divorce proceedings or both. With more than 30 years of experience in these cases, you can count on me to protect your interests and guide you to the most favorable outcome. And as I mentioned, sometimes filing for bankruptcy after divorce is advantageous. For example, if you earned too much as a married couple to file for Chapter 7, you may qualify individually after the fact.

To arrange a consultation, call me at 303-763-5286 or contact me online. Upon request, I can offer flexible appointments at a time or location convenient for you. I also offer payment plans to help you secure the debt relief and legal advocacy you need.

I am a debt relief agent. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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