What Is The True Cost Of A Traffic Violation?

The squad car slows down, turns and then there are the flashing lights. A traffic stop might have come as a surprise. Now do your research, so the true cost of the penalties does not come as another surprise.

Traffic tickets vary in severity based on a number of factors. They are classified as traffic infraction and traffic offenses. An infraction comes with a fine and points on your license. It can usually be paid by mail, but once you pay the fine you give up your rights. Traffic offenses require a court appearance and carry the added penalty of possible jail time.

An Experienced Traffic Offense Attorney

I have been defending clients across the Denver metro area for more than 30 years. And unlike many firms, when you contact the Law Firm of Ronald S. Dee, you will work directly with me. My Littleton office is located near the courthouse, and I have successfully defended people against traffic offenses and other criminal charges.

Which Agency Issued The Ticket?

Did a Broomfield city police officer, a Jefferson County deputy or Colorado state patrol stop you? This will affect which agency handles the matter. And municipal or city courts have different rules and penalties from county courts.

I am able to help you resolve the following types of cases:

  • Speeding — 25 mph-plus over the posted limit is a misdemeanor traffic offense
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Red light and stop light violations
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Remove points from your driver’s license
  • Earning a revoked license back

If you have a CDL, I can explain the impact of a traffic ticket. Because in these circumstances driving is your livelihood, I will fight on your behalf to limit the damage.

Talk To A Lawyer Before Taking Action

My typical fee for traffic violations starts at $350. By fighting a traffic infraction or traffic offense, you could possibly save this amount or more in insurance premium increases. My cost-effective approach ensures you have access to legal services when you need them.

Schedule a free initial consultation today by calling 303-763-5286 or sending me an email. Flexible appointments at convenient locations are available if you prefer to meet in person.

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